The Shadows that Float

Evergreen floats on the overcast reflections

Dense time and its late ripples, the expanding circumferences

Slowed down, but it feels awkward when its time to reminisce

Turning time to suit my existence is a dream that spirals around

Like a serpentine reality wounding itself, stifling my breaths

Consuming me, while I try connecting the blurry points

Grappling with the echoes of forgotten epoch, a present dilemma

Trying to choose between yesterday and tomorrow

Sorrows that have always spawned from the unreal reality

Dismal shades of green, the patches of weariness and suffering

Many dormant woes have been woken up by the strirrings

Unearthly showers settle somewhere in the darkest caves

Nights are like the distorted mirages, existence recedes gradually

~Amitav Chowdhury

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