On a Faint Fresh Morning

The morning does look neat after a harrowing night

Of growling and shrieks, the menacing threats of the skies

Rage plunders the frenetic dreams, and one can hide deeper

When the bed feels unwelcoming to the panicking mind

Now, there are no traces of those demonic warnings

Time transformed the entire reality while the world churned

Slice of sunlight peek through the beaten window

Peels of the changing world pile up around the house

Still a forlorn time as the mind travels far away, imaginary pursuit

Against the will of this time, the unslept body, and faint hope

~Amitav Chowdhury

2 thoughts on “On a Faint Fresh Morning

  1. As the seasons change, our world is once again visited by storms (wind and rain) felling majestic trees and blowing colorful leaves upon the ocean…your words bring the most recent night storm to mind, Amitav, making us thankful for the faint sunlight that often breaks through the dark sky giving us hope.

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