A World of Two Nights- A Poem

Night contemplated taking away the dreams farther

I cannot risk the comfort of a numb darkness… indifferent time and region

Some spaces are anomalies, like sunken areas, where I have fallen

I can recognize myself, the language I speak, even as I struggle outside the realm

Impassive faces and cold souls, there are languid movements, but no progress

Have I missed the time? Forgotten to take the route taken by them

I escaped it, so as I feel, in body and mind; my heart too feels distant and meditative

Try looking above the clouds and find meaning in concentric spaces- like cosmic motifs

My dreams have entered anomalies, some have lengthened and coiled into another matter

Nights feel like two separate worlds- one, protecting me, another like a black hole

-Amitav Chowdhury

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