What if No One Listens…

I tried, but no one was listening to me, earlier it was those scornful looks

Now, I do not exist, my opinions are dead, my shadow isn’t trampled by anyone either

There is no friendly light that can even feebly help save my shadow

You know, to communicate my feelings- where have my feelings been so alien

Never embraced by anyone, I started doubting my language, not that everybody else engages with or adopts

Not even the mannerisms written in a common code, similarities presented in various ways

My silence, that I do not participate in the competitive comparisons, is reason enough to discriminate

I did venture out, but lost myself and sanity in the confused environment

I spoke, not with a tailored language, I may have become distant, my feelings and my soul understands

Now I have a voice, I do not imitate, now I do not desire an audience, but silence is my favorite listener

-Amitav Chowdhury

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