Lost Poeticism

Words bloom later, seasons and poets have drifted apart Poetic emotions lose relevance, like a lost child in a busy street Far away from home, mixed feelings about the indifferent world Where is that romanticism of life? Ossified heart have fallen into a deep chasm, feels no more Love does not pulsate anymore; it’s a ritual, a mere symbolism Comparison with proximity, but there is … Continue reading Lost Poeticism

A World of Two Nights- A Poem

Night contemplated taking away the dreams farther I cannot risk the comfort of a numb darkness… indifferent time and region Some spaces are anomalies, like sunken areas, where I have fallen I can recognize myself, the language I speak, even as I struggle outside the realm Impassive faces and cold souls, there are languid movements, but no progress Have I missed the time? Forgotten to … Continue reading A World of Two Nights- A Poem

Why write?

Write when the creative juices flow, struck by a passionate creative angst to carve out our own stories, nurture them, praise them or put them on a pedestal, with ink, carving out their space, before presenting them to the world for some sincere scrutiny and sometimes harsh critiques. Writers write, stories and experiences accumulate, memories tickle the pen…everyone of them wants a tribute. -Amitav Chowdhury Continue reading Why write?