False Familiarity

Familiar experiences, the clichéd outcomes, degree of differences, bent logic and amplified narratives

Everything looks realistic, but they are virulent reflections of compromised particles

An authoritarian thought process slowly travels through the common consciousness like a stubborn, coagulated fluid

They all speak, vehemently force their opinions down the throats of unbelievers- survive on this perilous survival instincts

Experiences, your addictive familiarization through sinister experimentation

Imbibed as successes, reviewed by the unintellectual, a breed of minds, with mindsets of detrimental visions

Cling to the narratives and propaganda of the cauterized consciousness, throwing dense ideas over commonsense

All these experiences, the behavioral patterns, the amplified anomalies, now and then, transmuting into irreversible problems

-Amitav Chowdhury

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