Denial and The Journey

The strong dose of denial
Enough to calm down the frenzy
Everything is settled, or, so it seems
Who would have rallied through difficult terrains
Like an adventure predetermined
Unfriendly cold, distant worries of home
Settles deeper, in the trembling body
Embracing the feelings
Also, preparing for the inclement grip
From every corner of the land
Languages become braver
Held in frosty breath
Wildly beating heart
Now, they are surrounded
With prayers and assurances
The chants of the land echoes
Shattering the fearful times
Some voices sound unreal
Infirm, insecure, and proud
Listen to yourself, to the Mother’s plea
Shattered dreams have to be mended
The daredevil will bring peace
Kneeling, looking at a gloomy sky
Prayers of so many settle the souls
Who will be there to mend the fractured dreams
Waiting for dawn with childlike glee; Free
©Amitav Chowdhury

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