Missing in Writing

Overexposed piece of writing, the vehement justifications seeking validation through vague commentaries of winding paragraphs. Devoid of literary tastes, aimless ramblings through hard imagery, objects placed in odd places, stories that run through parched areas. Looking for some soul, some life, where time could surrender deeper, but, there is no transparency in a craft less or lack of artfulness, some raw, insipid words with rough edges over the abrasive landscapes of a juxtaposed reality. No deft and depth in storytelling.

-Amitav Chowdhury

4 thoughts on “Missing in Writing

  1. If this is a critique on an author’s writing , perhaps until we read it we won’t know why that imagery , what is that rambling and why his soul is so crushed . Why are we unable to feel those waters ?


    1. This is a critique on literature and, the creative aspects, usage of language, it’s quality in storytelling, the ability to express experiences into a powerful narrative through creative imagery that goes beyond mundane imaginations. A piece of literature that withstands the test of time and intrigues the reader, gives a new perspective from it’s richly crafted facets. Also, depends on what the author reads and influenced by, there’s so much to explore. But repetitiveness and oversimplified language makes literature insipid.


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