Early Pathos

Not thought of anymore, abandoned feelings murmur still Stirrings of an ethos from which this present entrapped me, into silence Forced me to promise a silence in this chaotic world; still I enter the faint space Feels heavy on my soul, many voices, their resonance pure, although everything has changed My silence has shadows on a moonless night, but I may never dream again At … Continue reading Early Pathos


Unwound time, slackened pace and tiresome energy- an efficient way of de-energizing life Lost momentum of human consciousness, loosening the intricate relationship with nature’s senses A cocoon woven by a whirl, life struggles within; dimmed environment, no transmutation of existence A disorderly arrangement of life, an existential dilemma and clashes of weakening consciousness It’s too late to recalibrate defunct time, machines support the problem with … Continue reading Recalibrate