Gift of Isolation

Far off from where I started, faint memories, I don’t remember the date or time

I did not start with expectations or a plan, but here I am, reminiscing the isolation

Now, I decide after the memories have become distant, the rejections, of every season

I wanted to try at my pace, while taken through some eccentricities, without worried about arriving

Enjoying my idiosyncrasies, where my imaginations have taken me, taking me towards a space, pure isolation

I did not mind the unreasonable questions, detached from the growing otherism, I didn’t plan, but I continued

With my imaginations guiding me, sometimes long pauses of the overthinking mind

I cannot overburden myself, I have to breathe freely, but there have been times when it felt claustrophobic

Wondering, if the Earth lacks enough air or had insufficient space for me

Then, I had isolation, a gifted space, solace, my time attuned to the senses, understanding this eternal consciousness

-Amitav Chowdhury


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