Closer to the Truth

It all started with a strange debate when languages were unborn Incoherent signs, but symbolism etched here and there Who’ll verify? The truth about The Truth, or Truth on a pedestal “Dreams can pull you towards the right direction”, it’s believed, but how much do we know When reality spoils the dreams, like an egomaniac on the prowl I can paint a symbol, later, may … Continue reading Closer to the Truth


Setting the time back, pushing fate towards an endless chasm Diabolical intentions of hastening retreat after defeating the soul, its surrender, fatal Time is a curse, caught in the cyclical nature of follies, of mankind ignorant of life and light Weakening the energy, no more warm vibes, but a dangerous coldness grips the world Enough hiding the bitter truth, a psychological thriller, mendacious propaganda Trying … Continue reading Inglorious

Undisguised Insincerity

Feigned love, failed love, the masked appearances, behind the scenes a scripted chronological deception An exhilarating addiction and euphoria, the quiet hysteria of dark force Orchestrated lust, the trampled trust, like a warfare of counterfeit love; losing a portion of the soul with each crescendo of unhinged emotions All naked, bare emotions, stripped innocence, but a dramatized passion of a struggling soul, the rise of … Continue reading Undisguised Insincerity