Closer to the Truth

It all started with a strange debate when languages were unborn

Incoherent signs, but symbolism etched here and there

Who’ll verify? The truth about The Truth, or Truth on a pedestal

“Dreams can pull you towards the right direction”, it’s believed, but how much do we know

When reality spoils the dreams, like an egomaniac on the prowl

I can paint a symbol, later, may become symbolism, but that’s if it titillates their consciousness

I am more concerned about the unknown, intriguing, but introspection is not enough

It’s a dysfunctional attitude, as busy people say, unproductive, incompetent, a daydreamer, societies nightmare

Now genuine questions are unanswered, the anti-intellectuals find it difficult; abuses are their replies

The quantum problem, I diagrammatic errors, the entire popular views are oblique

Weakness leans of their own languages, blunt, but likes to cut the source of reasoning

There are expensive options to drown logic and experiment with an unnatural truth

-Amitav Chowdhury


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