The Opinionated Truth

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. -Marcus Aurelius

When there are immense possibilities much beyond our ability to comprehend the truth of this existence, there are also greater chances of being mislead with false perceptions that have been etched deeply in the psyche of every age of existence.

Just when we think that we are progressing, with or without the existing opinions, much of which are mere observations, also experimentations, again, upon which the premise of our consciousness have been controlled. Opinions, plenty of them, every day, daily digest of the most gluttonous types. We are sluggish with our progressive movement, but adhere to traditional methods of finding out, much behind time, not by any standard a modern style, but their roots are still entangled in a much careful, even manipulative environment, enabling the induced methods of thought processes, impeding the conscious mind, but embedding the erroneous transmission of knowledge.

As language gets fancier, disruptions of a digital milieu, with more scope of deluging the mass consciousness with opinionated opinions, not the truth by any standard though. No one wants the truth! Clarity is a rare quality, a demonized one at that, as if living with the fear of being exposed of their superficial approach to organize the mass disorganization, the disarrangement of the existential principles, the effort to nullify the influences and relationships with nature and remodeling the human existence with an armored exoskeleton that weakens the essence of being a natural being. An effort to destroy the archetype, no one can retrace their beginnings, the core truth, with the original mental maps.

Entire ecosystem is being rewired to obliterate the space that once allowed the consciousness to go beyond, not find but seek, connect with the inner dimensions, and also meditate on the endless possibilities of transcending the limitations. I get disillusioned with the lack of depth, the species of patient listeners, those who can connect this reality with the one that we can achieve, the gradual derision of knowledge (forced upon us, irreversibly damaging the mental agility), with concerted plans to force the existential angst, when there is no mechanism, even the last defense being intruded with curated, an idea of exhibitionism, the grandiosity of a broken intellectual system.

-Amitav Chowdhury


One thought on “The Opinionated Truth

  1. Reblogged this on Some View on the World and commented:
    How less we dare to compare that what we hear with that what others have heard and say, we will be easily be misled.
    It is important that we always strive for clarity and speak plainly ourselves, while not being afraid of confrontation with an inquisitive mind.


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