Messing with Memories

Wondering if I dwelled too long in scattered spaces where memories were in a disheveled state

Unsettled conversations, trying to keep pace with stopped clocks

Revisiting those places, uninvited, in a stupor, an unfulfilled desire luring me often

I failed to differentiate between the altered memories, but faint hopes still tormented my dormant mind

Here, in the present, I have the time to rethink, the liberty to be a proverbial poet during unpoetic and unpredictable times

Time cheated me of my sanity, my emotions; hence, I was delusional, trying to elaborate my presence between the past and present

Sometimes, it was an unhealthy obsession with unhealed memories- they rushed through me like a disturbed stream

Not all imaginations and images are desirable, especially when trying to defy the truth, the reality of my existence

-Amitav Chowdhury


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