Hope Less

The fragility of time, dwindling truth, eroding freedom for dreams to prosper

What I read from daily events, fuels my hopelessness, yet I find freedom in what I write

There is too much pain, and they have forgotten the secret of healing

Diminishing senses imagines a distorted reality, only, they are built on false hopes

Trite languages do not evoke any real emotions, I skip the narratives

Emptying the residues of untruthful times, seeking freedom a melancholic grip

Doubting my sleeps, the drained energy during a daily tussle with monotonous busyness

When there was real hope, in deeds, and love that could sail across turbulent years

Fleeing from empty promises while trying to gather my life, in my mind, honoring my judgement

-Amitav Chowdhury

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