Quiet Composition

Probably the unheard stories of the soul will never make it to the real world

Suppressed but defiant, the remain relevant, but ignored for the sake of vanity

Stories that scream and enters your dreams, but dreaming is never an acceptable job

Curtailed time for creativity, daydreaming is considered an errant life

Punishment for the emotions, a consciousness that cannot endure the reality of inception

Stories that have been existing within time, oftentimes they have these existential pangs

They are thrown away, not given a fair chance, but put on harsh trials, mocked for their honesty

A travesty! While empty sympathy over vacuous words, artificial emotions, even borrowed

Quiet stories will always find their way through the pen of a quiet poet

When nothing feels original, but designed and defined, there are moments to escape the trend

-Amitav Chowdhury

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