Nought! Utter those words, feel those emotions, they’re purely yours, takes courage to spill them over

Already too much turmoil, spaces encroached with trivialities, a trick to lure, away from reality

Whence do you gather that courage, a timely intervention to escape the prolonged drought

Lines and passages do not have a promised contract, literary journeys are lonely; face your own chaos

Not the best are honored, so many stories die in anonymity- they lament within the pages, bereaved of any meaningful relationships

Time will suffocate them, but pages will hold on till the next calamity, a generation will emerge, disinterested and scattered

Battle of willpower, soul dreams of eternity, but wasted by the worldly tussles

Not the brightest of times, it happened in the past, the early death of stories, some even before the author does

-Amitav Chowdhury

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