Adopted Thoughts

No even boundaries, unclear spaces with blurry imaginations, struggle with mundane reflections

Routine thoughts, nothing provokes the mind- they do not stir up the senses, gasping for some freedom

From the forced ideas, the experiences they everyone else has had, incomplete inferences

Obsession with the unknown, the extravagant efforts to trespass time, this warped reality

While reflections have exploited the vulnerabilities, desperation to outperform the ridiculous attempt of inept senses

It’s been a long journey of false-beliefs, embraced thoughts, onerous task to liberate the souls again

Listening to laborious explanations; nowadays, the unfortunate and unruly time, untamed thoughts of wild desires

Reality being distorted with progammed thoughts, adopted with doubts, a volatile space with untruths

-Amitav Chowdhury


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