Wish To Be Invisible

That strong urge to be invisible and imagine that you are invincible, even if the darkness looks menacing

Waiting to be transported to another realm, where time doesn’t flinch and I can find the magical door

No one following my footsteps or even desiring to understand me; it’s a world of aberrant contradictions

I decided to choose my path, another trajectory where time circumnavigates the warped times

It was not an impulsive choice, a decision of my subliminal directions, for here, I become invisible, but have clarity and visibility

Wrong visions speed up the journey, the energy vampires deplete life even before I can comprehend my existence

The experiences you speak of in mumbling voices, fumbling in the conscious environment

Invisibility articulates the cosmic experience in silence, leaving behind the distracting noises, towards eternity and back

-Amitav Chowdhury


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