At Odds with Reality

Defanged knowledge, a long-drawn struggle with an unsustainable reality

The birth of a century, commotion, the acquired abilities to destabilize wisdom

Bitter experimentations with synthetic ideas, the shenanigans; everything was a trade off

Pure dreams and desires weaned away, sometimes snatched from the cradles

Trespassing minds, the sacred souls, stale unsustainable ideas thrust upon them

Creating obedient followers who can abandon sanity and frantically take orders

Supine life, aggrieved too, the great psychological shift, now it shows how effective the process has been

Just like delusional reflections off the unholy mirrors, the repetitive deception

Now, in the middle of nowhere, stretching time with rugged hands, tired souls speak no more

Every turn leads to a wrong information, wronged deliberately, the infernal reality

-Amitav Chowdhury


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