Misguided Flow

There’s a gradual shift in the discourse, the pledge to disclose nothing that may unsettle the established status quo.

As if, a sharp object either creates more serrated edges or aggressively blunts it, like a candle is extinguished

Sharp flames of clarity burn down the prejudices, dulls the mediocre opinions of the opinionated

Writing is doubtful, literature even vague, between cruces of a quantum transformation

I believe silence births those words, inspired by the imaginations of a recluse

Otherwise, who would be foolish enough to not follow the trend of oversimplification

Silence being maligned, the echoes of mediocrity insulate the senses

Creating vast areas of swamps where the walls adorn fungal growth; it’s decaying health

Where everyone gathers these days, seeking validation, mending their thoughts into similar phonemes

Here, silence stretches itself like a cover, protecting the imaginations

Now, who can compete with blurry, aesthetically enhanced misplaced words, strewn around like insipid glitters

-Amitav Chowdhury


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