Mere pawns between the collision of time, the constant side-effects, persistent lethargy

Low-cost extravagance, the inferior, the magnified complexes on a highly reflective and reactive mirror

There is no bonhomie, jealousy, the degrees of it, sets apart personalities- the inner demons reveal the aberrations

Accepting the distortions of a truth loyally has had a long lasting impressions of vigorous contradictions

Stubbing out the latent rage, so distinctly nurtured, is growing into a tribe of gargoyles

Nothing mythical about the passionate rage of humanity, history’s been trampled and monuments desecrated

Unrepentant assault on souls pale in front of the fiery degradation, ashes will remain, blur the visions

Establishing an alternate reality beyond human endeavors, save sacred spaces, the universe’s warning erase diabolical desires

The insignificance, the weaknesses, even the infallibility is a twisted myth

-Amitav Chowdhury

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