Wherever the mind sets, does it rise above the rest

Journey is not about settling there, waiting for the sunrise

Resurgence from the East, a squint of light, teasing the little gaps between the curtains

Darkness retreats, somewhere, not judged by the prejudices

All that plodding along the conservative ways returns to a void

A circuitous path becomes a recurring theme in life, nothing yields anymore

Winter’s not yet arrived, but seeds have shriveled up, yesterday’s roots rot in heat

There are no real raconteurs, brief episodes of drama and crass humor

Everything feels so set, bound by the time, the prevailing moods

That tightness kills the real emotions, desires aren’t passionate

Look elsewhere, all that have set within, perceived to be experiences

Fallacies restrain the imaginations and creativity pushed from a precipice

Bleak moments of obscurantism, whatever labels, the spiteful moments arise

-Amitav Chowdhury


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