Upon whom you Trust

“Trust me”, I had said at the beginning, the spilled laughters and stern looks created a divide

Realizing, which side of the divide I was in; reality setting in, but receding like magical sand dunes

Looking for truth in the reflections of a mirage? Yes, the least troublesome would be the truth that destabilize the paranoia

Looking away while trusting, interestingly, the fissures had always been there

Presenting tricked evidences, just like the magicians have a mesmerizing effect on the crowd

Everyone wide-eyed, but a portion of the consciousness creates a lingering delusion

Trust is a magical word, not that it’s meant to be one, the truth of trust has dwindled over time

Upon reality, many realities have been written, even mirrors take away some of the self-truths

The soul seems more distant, even defeated, while mirrors breathe and destroy reality

-Amitav Chowdhury


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