Above and Beyond the Walls

As many walls stood between territories

Of foundations dug deeper than the misunderstanding

Mended, when they bent or broke, even been conquered through

Visions walled, dreams that never grew taller than the hatred

Enthusiasm of masons, the firm resolve to protect myths

Those scaled by adventurous pacifists were pushed on the other side

"You don't belong", unaware, that the roots have weakened the foundation

Some portions scooped out, to watch a cinema that one couldn't pay for

Curiosity of the child, it doesn't die, even old age has aspirations

To imagine, strongly visualize the uninterrupted views

For posterity, not make anymore foes before the light dwindles

It's all open, vulnerable and affected by time

Some walls will bend or crack, or be thoroughfares

Blueprints in the annals of a divided culture still stays

-Amitav Chowdhury

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