To Dream Again

Yearning for the soft dreams, milder darkness and brighter stars

Rest my head again, feels heavy amidst the unnecessary bargain

When spaces feel uncomfortable and I forget the reality of eternity

Why mornings should feel like an intruder, rays blinding, signs of rage

Selfish pursuits that put uncrowned kings on pedestals

All gathered here to rush and push, oddities of human nature

Minds trapped between perceptions, written tenets, also, skewed truths

Whom to trust with the purest passions, dreams that are sacred

Even heartbeats are sceptical, fear treads on the consciousness

Truths reduced to blatant lies, one has to trust them, no respite

Feels like warring opinions have been trained like warriors

Each dwelling echoes their chaos, closeness creates deeper fissures

Can I not see beyond the gloom, transcend darkness and welcome a healthy morning

Trust myself to transform my imaginations and hear stories of hope

-Amitav Chowdhury

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