The Struggle is Real

Living yourself, only with your dreams can be a lonely struggle

Pressured into adopting an image, a character defined by society

People complain if masks when rarely they get an honest reply

Love damaged by vagueness until all the layered disguises wear off

Not in a lifetime, may be luckier if you probe deeper

Strange, when eccentricities turn into a diabolical game

While born, the soul begins its struggle with two identities

Violated by the untruths, a reality handed over casually

Escape becomes a complicated process in a journey scorched by rude reflections

Someone who has chosen loneliness, does not yearn the embrace if foes

Entire world, even its small, looks at the being suspiciously

The world entwined with eternity feels caught in strange coincidences

-Amitav Chowdhury

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