Absurd Days

Days start with trepidation, vain lies and lazy expectations

Supine dreamers in a world caught in chaotic web

Our own work of ambition, the development looks like concentric circles

As if consciousness spirals in a certain domain

Unaware of other dimensions, change feels repetitive, arrested freedom

Some rare references of brilliance, borrowed from passages of melancholic expressions

Darkness with frankness, unabated passion stolen from the fierce opposers

When they had the courage to defend, their soul, love, and territories

Little steps of wildness, but a mild demeanor and steely resilience

Can we still love the night, without fear of darkness, let not lies harness desires

Now, more often, looking at life through filters, layers of appearances and dramatization

Let the day fade, nights have more freedom of expression, laziness may be a boon

-Amitav Chowdhury

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