An Unnatural Reality

Of all those things that are frozen in expeditious thoughts They come floating with designs which necessitate illustrations Secondary reality draws up a plan to usurp the existential dilemma Existence is overwritten many times with emphasis on development More of hyperactive playground where movements are chaotic Comes floating from unknown corners to endure any reasoning Thoughts, like millions of snowflakes disseminating light Have to endure … Continue reading An Unnatural Reality

When Thoughts Arise

Winds rush in, but my thoughts are not prepared to fly “There is no urgency”, my soul reasons with restless messengers Baffling conversations arise; meandering through different ambience Waves of thoughts and their effervescence cannot be contained Exuberance of the soul clearly reflected in the eyes Trees and birds wait in anticipation; waiting to breach the palisades This reality waiting to be superseded by valiant … Continue reading When Thoughts Arise


Only I can keep my life in the sincerest form Soul cradles the reasons Flowing with ease towards the epitome of existence Dynamic elements are in synergy Life is a privilege with divine affection There is no ‘you’ or ‘me’ Even the ‘I’ blends without Ego Spirit arises to experience higher realms Without the judgements Sincerity of the eyes speaks Grace Nourished soul realises existence … Continue reading Sincerity


Dilapidated wooden frame Musty smell from the pores Bygone eras nestled deep somewhere Absorbing neglect and darkness Blurry and crooked vision Brokenness branches out Decaying time etches cranky rifts Memories of those hands Discussions and sighs Maybe few fallen tears Window to another world Vagabond nature wins As eerie feelings permeate New senses are intrigued A perspective will be forgotten Before time erases The overlapping … Continue reading Frame

Familiar Voices

Voices of majority, where reasons drown in high frequency Uneven ride of words rattle the sentiments from their core Jostling for attention, every voice in unison speak in similar tone With the illusion of identity; where there are none Soul never has a chance to select the desired inflection Time rushes in and deluges existence Flowing hastily towards a chaotic confluence of stern statements Idealistic … Continue reading Familiar Voices

A View

Do we see unemotional impudence on those imposing facades? Shadows slant with ridicule; running across the busy streets So many legs try to trample or erase the shadows of materialistic burden Yet, they wish to hasten towards them when the world turns hostile Instituting their presence over every mind with prolonged manipulations A vast Universe seems to diminish when naysayers invoke the antagonist Soul is … Continue reading A View


Darkness recedes when waves of innocence return after a hiatus Poignant moment submerges little hesitantly at the confluence of light Wintry season in the heart transform after reassuring embrace Awakens love for life in the soul after hearing a profound echo It’s time to realise the divine relationship with eternal soul Clarity descends in the eyes while seeking deeper in true being Sky portrays a … Continue reading Beginning


There are times when we do not seek time’s assent Trying to negate an illusion that is essential to keep track Open palm, few lines that criss-cross as perception of fate There are no engravings on eternity’s soul, Yet we etch deep patterns of sorrow on our heart along the way Failing to hold on to innocence, only glimpses of it in retrospect Churning in … Continue reading Times

Mystical Dark

Naked water is draped in shimmering eventide Reverie will recede in the background of magical land Frills and fascinating ripples embellish the patterns Soul is stripped off the unnecessary disguise Retina wakes up with ultra sensitive display of iridescence Birth of ultimate rejoice on the heart pushes the boundaries Eager soul wishes to take a plunge deeper in peace Rising from the water after an … Continue reading Mystical Dark


Not following the footprints allow a soul to wander with anonymity Sunrays and friendly breeze weave an uncanny camaraderie Entering a new layer of consciousness mirroring an ever altering reality Written diktats do not hold any relevance after crossing the boundary Easy to blend the mind and maneuver through labyrinthine perceptions Glances pick up the clues to prepare a speech that is not contrary Wise … Continue reading Perceptions