If it is not the exaggeration is believed easily Then why simplicity is scorned and ridiculed Discourse cannot rise above churlishness That which transpires within is amplified Theatrical apologies are mere distractions Images portrayed on the screen are decoys Behind the scenes are unscripted and real Enough lights to influence the nuances Fans of tainted legends are rambunctious It isn’t an adorable display of ignorance … Continue reading Theatrical


Tomorrow won’t save you from today’s vain promises Compelling truth to vanish without confronting fallacies Future has a cosmic eye to comprehend the real intentions Desirable lectures articulated and enveloped in lies It is the escapists who wish to transform today’s reality Still praying for a favourable future is a contradiction Winds may stop whispering and nature may stop listening ~Amitav Continue reading Tomorrow

Sense of Uncertainty

The air is vague today, quite restless too What message may have influenced this change? Ashened landscape speak of some mistake Those unidentified ones who speak of travesty Today, layers of gray blemish the words of yore Complex network of stars plot a chance Before that, the mind can’t wander further To retrieve the truth from quivering cocoons Still, the air has to be purified … Continue reading Sense of Uncertainty


There shall be no truce with the soul Enough thinking comes from haughty minds How does one peel off the protective layers? Subjects of monstrosity discussed often Without the scientific temper, they are bland Dishonest minds think of life in a spiral Remember, you are of nerves, bones, and flesh With a vibrant heart and profound soul Losing dignity takes no real effort Even the marrow … Continue reading Heedless


Don’t allow dreams to be led through coercive corridors; you may see many doors along the way, but they can push you and your dream to the confines of four walls. Those doors are not of opportunity, but they close behind you firmly to institutionalise the mind with thoughts that are not yours to accept. Compartmentalised and conditioned, the mind thinks while being stimulated with certain … Continue reading Misguided

Through Shadows

Trying to walk through the shadows Unsuccessfully trying to avoid the gloom Weeping does not allow a new course Shades relentless unidentifiable by men Enough slandering by waylaid journeyers Oh, angry son of Hyperion, there’s no mercy Ashes still breathe with rage within Transforming paradise with contradiction That which fades away is irretrievable  New wave of shadows across the horizon Silence is stifling the regressive … Continue reading Through Shadows

This or That

If you do ‘this’, people say why didn’t you do ‘that’ If you say ‘this’, people say why didn’t you say ‘that’ It is the ambivalence between ‘this’ and ‘that’ which keeps the conversation going, albeit, with the idea of procrastinating and stretching the ‘status quo’ to survive the necessary will to change for good. Social media has become a battleground for those lethargic intellectuals … Continue reading This or That


Tucked away in the forgotten folds of antiquity Still holds true, the time, which surrendered unwillingly Memory wishes to get closer but fears the indifferent silence Sometimes, silence can feel hostile to the talkative mind Losing oneself in the tide of seasons wrinkles the skin Before nothingness calls, the inferences imprison  Hoping for clarity amidst evaporating essence of life Wishing for transient dreams do not become … Continue reading Searching