Importance of Branding Strategy

A brand is a product with a unique idea and value attached to it. Every brand is attached with some attributes to make it identifiable to the customer, by creating a perception on their minds. To project and position a brand in the market and in the customers’ mind, a branding strategy is devised. When the customer comes across your brand, they recall the perception … Continue reading Importance of Branding Strategy

Advertising through the Ages

We are all aware of advertising. It is a form of marketing communication to inform the audience about a product or brand. Advertising is an effort to persuade the audience and win their trust on the particular brand. Advertising uses various mediums, such as- • Print Media (newspapers, magazines) • Television spots • Radio • Outdoor signage and billboards • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, … Continue reading Advertising through the Ages

Building Brand Value and Trust

A brand becomes a success when it earns the trust of the customers and based on that trust they introduce it to their family and friends. Building this trust and instilling faith in consumers’, requires patience and time. Everyone enterprise wants to be identified as a reputable brand which gives consumers their value for money and which they can make a part of their life. … Continue reading Building Brand Value and Trust