An Essay on Marge Piercy poem ‘To be of use’

This is an essay I have written based on the poem by Marge Piercy ‘To be of Use’. These are my interpretations of her poem and I hope you would like it. Marge Piercy Biography from Wikipedia- Marge Piercy (born March 31, 1936) is an American poet, novelist, and social activist. Her work includes Woman on the Edge of Time; He, She and It, which won the 1993 Arthur C. Clarke Award; … Continue reading An Essay on Marge Piercy poem ‘To be of use’

Organizations and Employability

Today’s organizations have unreasonable demands from prospective employees. They should always possess multiple skill sets (it’s like flirting with all and not committed to any). Again, with the rapid upgradation to those skills sets, requires one to stay abreast with the latest (it’s like upgrading software patches frequently). Humans are being treated nothing more than machines and organizations complain of the Skills gap and lack … Continue reading Organizations and Employability

Literature and Readers

Literature, with deep philosophical concepts, is read with reluctance at first. There is palpable nervousness while reading them and whether to believe some ideas which are contrary to the existing ones. The mind becomes repetitive and draws a boundary within which it likes to think upon. Going beyond that is rarely thought of and requires immense courage. A philosophy which leaves a deep impression on … Continue reading Literature and Readers

The Desire for Technology

Everyone who plays with technology or has the hegemonic desires to permeate it deep into the ecosystem of society does not possess a scientific mind. They are merely being calculating and ideating the economics and profitability. The ideas come from non-scientific minds, merely carried out or developed mechanically. Technology has become intrusive and also pushes them to an unassuming user base. Today’s technologies are collecting … Continue reading The Desire for Technology

Literature- Words and Feelings

It makes me think if we have all the words to expresses our feelings in their purest form. Even the vocabulary which we have with the synonyms and antonyms in the Thesaurus are not enough sometimes. From sign language to the words and then numerous spoken languages (let’s not forget those languages which are spoken by very few people of an ancient community or tribe), … Continue reading Literature- Words and Feelings

Education- To Empower Humanity

Education should be liberating and encourage you to indulge in critical thinking, and give you the confidence to venture out to seek new ideas. Education must not teach conformity with a blindfold and train you to take orders and face the ignominy of following the herd aimlessly. They are shepherded by unrealistic desires and ambitions, by minds hardened by laborious conditioning. Let not education become … Continue reading Education- To Empower Humanity

Reading, an Enjoyable Experience

The taste for fine and exclusive literature develops over a period of time. The reader has to be patient enough to look for one and treasure it as a valuable asset. Excellent literature is to be savored slowly, pondering over each sentiment with careful consideration. The writer anticipates and gathers the exotic flavors to blend it into the genre of literature which is to be … Continue reading Reading, an Enjoyable Experience