The City Life

Modern minds dreamt of a better world or a setting that will provide more amenities to spoil the choices of inhabitants. Urbanisation was meant to design a city with modern dwellings and roads for better connectivity. It was a novel dream to sever the ties with countryside life or carve out a different plan, contrary to the simplicity of nature. Everyone, in the dream of … Continue reading The City Life

Choices in Life and Consequences

The world of happiness, beauty and love resides in us. We chose to close the doors and venture out into the world of projected feelings. Feelings which are adulterated with impure thoughts and the naysayers’ concocted stories. In reality, this is a monstrous effort to deceive the heart. In this effort, the soul and heart are pulled away, reluctantly, from the cradle of true happiness. Even before … Continue reading Choices in Life and Consequences

To All Artists

Art presents us the colors which we usually miss in our fleeting existence. It multiplies these hues and blends them to magnify the glorious essence of life. Sometimes, we view life in monochrome and deny our eyes the pleasure of nature’s vivid colors. Art comes forth as the messiah to introduce us to undiscovered perspectives of life, colored with the real essence of life. Art … Continue reading To All Artists

The Blogging World

The blogging world is buzzing with creativity. People, from all across the globe, are writing passionately and giving it vital fillip to the art form or genre. I come across blogs, which cater to a variety of topics and it is interesting to see young bloggers, contributing to this endeavor. This is important because they will be the torchbearers in the future and take the blogging … Continue reading The Blogging World

Leadership and Success

Exalted to the position of leadership out of compulsion and favoritism, rather than capabilities and character, always becomes a liability and cause of failure. A leader should be strong willed, an independent thinker, and intuitive enough to choose the right individuals, whom he can entrust with responsibilities. A leader should be visible to the people and also keep ears to the ground and address the … Continue reading Leadership and Success

Humanity’s Journey

(Pic Source) Through so many ages and many centuries, have seen the development of humanity is every sense. We have been given this Earth as our abode and trying to figure out, since then, the meaning of it all. We were at the mercy of nature and had to adapt ourselves with its eccentricities. Favorable or inclement weather, we were continuously facing a challenge. Humanity … Continue reading Humanity’s Journey

Impact of Social Media

With the advent of Social media, digital platforms and other host of apps for our devices, the world feels connected. The question is, ‘Are we really connected?’ We are constantly updating the status on various social media platforms, waiting for ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’, just to feel reassured, that our activities have not gone unnoticed from the world. There are times when hours go by without … Continue reading Impact of Social Media

Mind your Thoughts

The thoughts, when you are alone, determines your personality. The thoughts that occupy your mind and your contemplations about the actions reflects your intentions. A healthy dichotomy is acceptable because you are probably trying to figure out the contrasting factors between two opposite thoughts. You have to remember that thoughts do not become opposing or alarming and take you away to the path of mental … Continue reading Mind your Thoughts