Flute Tune and A Writer’s Predicament

A recording of the flute was playing for almost six hours at a stretch. Same notes played in a loop transformed the day into a contrived music connoisseur. The hollow bamboo instrument that entices the wind to express such beautiful melody now sounded tired and breathless. The hollowness screamed in agony. It is a torture for the flautist in the imaginary world of an individual’s desire … Continue reading Flute Tune and A Writer’s Predicament

Comprehending Sleep

Sleep is almost here, as the neurotransmitters will take over control and manipulate the neurons. So many chemical reactions occur in the brain, it’s intriguing. Sleep will leave us immobile for few hours, leave us in a state of semi-consciousness and the subliminal mind becomes agile; to entice us with unfulfilled desires and even at time nightmares. We are in an in-between land, the territories … Continue reading Comprehending Sleep

Blogging and More Blogging

The Blogging, end of Semester Report Cards are distributed. Well, I chose not to look at it. I hated school and then reluctantly had to complete University. If that was not enough, where performance reports were displayed, to feel humiliated with those marks. I never really cared for Report Cards. At least, I have the freedom to choose what to do with it. Let the … Continue reading Blogging and More Blogging

Communication or Miscommunication

I find this to be a very inane question, “Do you write?” When I say yes, they have this to say,  “So, you are a wannabe writer.” To this question, I have a simple answer, “Yes, I write and I express myself through writings. I suffer from a ‘foot in mouth’ syndrome, so I choose the safer option of being more perceptive and judicious about … Continue reading Communication or Miscommunication

On Bores

The overenthusiastic bores are a curious case for examination. They almost always start their conversation with, “you know, I could have done this way better…”. Given any situation or in the midst of a gathering, they cannot resist the urge to bask in the limelight. Having worked in corporate set-ups, these curious cases can be found in sufficient numbers. Mostly given the title of ‘habitual shirkers’, … Continue reading On Bores