Longeivity of Ideas

All ideas have a lifespan, some longer compared to others, depending on their usability and sustainability, also, their ability to modernize or transform according to the changes, first, in human thinking, institutions, society, and their resilience to be experimented upon the templates of myriad ideologies, ideological differences, and cultural diversity. Ideas that not only gives an honest feedback-a reflection of our present actions and course … Continue reading Longeivity of Ideas


Chaos is difficult to predict, what seems to be chaotic may be the energy with which situations are rearranged, the epicenter of chaos may be scattered, but it’s effect, although delayed, may be felt with changing times and narratives. Information is becoming more powerful than ever, it’s course unpredictable, develops a consciousness of it’s own, probably, not even computable, as the quantum changes of human … Continue reading Chaos

Right Time for Ideas and Change

Life is a simple life, it does not share a name or carry any labels. Our definitions and labeling of life are based on our judgment. We do not realize, but we continuously judge. From our judgment or misjudgment, comes forth our common understanding of life. We merely constrict the meaning of life and try to bottle it with our strongly worded messages. Thus, floats around … Continue reading Right Time for Ideas and Change