Blogging and More Blogging

The Blogging, end of Semester Report Cards are distributed. Well, I chose not to look at it. I hated school and then reluctantly had to complete University. If that was not enough, where performance reports were displayed, to feel humiliated with those marks. I never really cared for Report Cards. At least, I have the freedom to choose what to do with it. Let the … Continue reading Blogging and More Blogging

Facing Life’s Challenges

When you are at peace with the inner world, the extrinsic factors have lesser chance of influencing you. Peace of mind and overall well-being is within your control. Everyday introspection helps to realize the true potential of the mind and our capabilities. Realizing the strengths and weaknesses will give you a balanced perspective about yourself. When you are confident of yourself, there are lesser chances … Continue reading Facing Life’s Challenges

It’s All in the Mind

Your thoughts become actions. It is evident that every action will come with its consequences. Depending on the type of thoughts, negative or positive, your actions will be guided and impact your life. The world around you will come with many pitfalls and also many positives. It is entirely your choice to choose your inspiration and influences; ultimately it’s your mind, which will spawn ideas … Continue reading It’s All in the Mind

You can Win if you Choose to

It is so often that you run away from yourself and try to avoid being alone, considering the fact that your inner self may come up with queries which you probably won’t be able to answer. You either engage yourself with the outside world or create distractions; anything that disrupts the inner voice, confronting you with some soul stirring queries. You are uncomfortable facing yourself … Continue reading You can Win if you Choose to