People want new things every day. Although there are eternal possibilities in the universe, our mind may not be conscious enough to accept every little aspect of those new changes that occur; they may be subtle or striking. Our inability to grasp that reality unsettles common consciousness and creates an environment of uncertainty. What we really look forward to is a reality that we can … Continue reading New

On Reading

Predominantly, reading as become an amusement; the purpose and quality of a literary work are rarely discussed seriously. The emergence of many writing platforms have given the opportunity to many writers, or those who wish to be one, but quality work suffers because reading is becoming a casual affair. It is seen that interpretations of quality literary work, including the classics, do not spark intellectual debates. … Continue reading On Reading

Thinking Enough

Not thinking enough and thinking more among the crowded thoughts leave insufficient space to accommodate different ideologies that have the ability to create a more conducive environment for critical thinking; a much required trait when limitations are imposed. Being frail in the mind can further the vulnerabilities and hinder the progress of progressive philosophies.  ~Amitav  Continue reading Thinking Enough


Holding macabre thoughts persistently or looking at life through distortions of vain conciousness cannot yield a positive life. Yet, many are attracted to such ideologies and create an environment where others feel claustrophobic.  To receive true love and positive thoughts one must first prepare an ambience to gracefully experience those feelings.  Rather than being complicit in continuous tirade, one should contribute meaningfully to life.  ~Amitav  Continue reading Thought