Literature and Writing

Literature is not supposed to be devoured. To really appreciate the essence, one has to hold a book with care to listen to an unopened book; it’s the silent appreciation of the sentiment it radiates is the beginning of a long relationship with literature, a culture, characters, and a world of imaginations. Creativity just does not spill over in haste, it flows over eagerly, only … Continue reading Literature and Writing


Those words will be in the archive one day. The important thing is that whether you would like to spend time in there to read them in a new light. After all, they are not only your words, but emotions and memories entwined as well. Stories close to the heart, when narrated with passion, evoke the same kind of attraction even in the cold attic, hoping … Continue reading Archived


Most audacious creativity is only possible when there is no fear of criticism and the courage to shatter the restrictions imposed by perceptions and prejudices. Contributing to Art is not an easy journey. The entire journey is a solitary one, where the creator has to battle social dogmas. Appeasing the handful with a cluster of flattery is not creativity. There will be many instances when … Continue reading Audacious