Without Introspection

More than the inability to introspect, it is also the misapprehensions and misconceptions surrounding this experience that effectively keeps away an individual from initiating the experience. Yes, it is an experience, a sole journey of myriad experiences guided by the consciousness. There is a strong chance of being delusional at the onset of this journey because so many falsehoods already occupy the crevices of the … Continue reading Without Introspection

What are the Consequences?

Even if you think you are alone with your thoughts, it is not as simple as that. They seem to enshroud the moment with fierce voices which you were unaware of. It can challenge you with your communication. Not necessarily being the finest orator can help you settle the voices and make them feel at ease. I have seen the most vociferous ones cannot come … Continue reading What are the Consequences?

Don’t stop Thinking

An education that does not encourage you to think and seeks conformity is debilitating. The easiest way to live is to join the crowd and think as everyone does. Critical thinking is passe. Accepting the popular sentiments may not always be the correct choice, even though fallacious, we comply. Being busy and getting nowhere in life, is the biggest irony. In all this drama and we are … Continue reading Don’t stop Thinking