A Solitary Walk and Realization

It was like traveling towards a haven situated somewhere among the mysterious clouds. It has not been named but still looks imposing and evokes respect. With increasing elevation, the road became precarious and resembled a mythical serpentine creature; winding across the mountains which seemed gravity defying. Walking on this road was a calling from the Divine world. On closer look, the images and patterns of … Continue reading A Solitary Walk and Realization

Deciphering Fate

Who said fate was evident from the forehead? All I could decipher was the deep creases, where life has written some grievances between indelible lines. The lines on the face were on a different trajectory. They did not match the intensity and struggles that were visible on the forehead. Lines of the face narrated a mixed story of sparse phases of sunshine and mostly dispirited … Continue reading Deciphering Fate

The Robe

Everyone is attired in a robe; intrinsically woven with the threads of nature. Once, wound in the spool, the threads are interwoven with secret messages of life. It is perfectly measured, according to the requirement of a lifetime and to preserve the sanctity of Divine grace. It does not have the unnatural ostentation or embellished with various artificially mined superlatives, to give a new identity … Continue reading The Robe

Walking the Winter Nights

Winter nights unleashes a challenge for the soul. Winter says, “I have come here to stay. Dare you to explore the winter night and stay awake, till dawn clears the fog.” The daredevil heart decides to accept the challenge and walk the city streets through the night. Without a care in the world, the vagabond, oblivious of sleep and comfort of the warm bed, decides … Continue reading Walking the Winter Nights

Through a Labyrinth

Walking through the winding alleys of a maze, I walk past similar structures. Houses? No, they do not resemble typical residential buildings. These are structures with an imposing facade. They seem to have been inspired by Brutalism Architecture. A lot of emphasis on the structures and they express bold ideas in concrete. The structures have a minimal number of windows and the gray colors cast a gloomy … Continue reading Through a Labyrinth

The Unknown Dreams

Zac was up early. He couldn’t sleep all night and could barely catch up with few winks. Tossing and turning in bed was tiresome and it affected his daily schedule. This has been continuing for a month. Once rare occurrences had become a regular irritant for him. It was not a nightmare or anything disturbing, but he had some recurring visions. He would try to remember … Continue reading The Unknown Dreams