Moves on, trickles down deeper into the existence, the psyche, feels like relentless prickles Later, it had sounds, rhythms that birthed history- all happens in a flash, but feels lime eternity Laborious journey of tired souls, upon the unsettling heat if conflicts, feels like destiny conspired by darkness Drilled movements, of people and emotions, numbed senses, but marches on, tired bodies and exhausted desires Only … Continue reading Antiquated

A World of Two Nights- A Poem

Night contemplated taking away the dreams farther I cannot risk the comfort of a numb darkness… indifferent time and region Some spaces are anomalies, like sunken areas, where I have fallen I can recognize myself, the language I speak, even as I struggle outside the realm Impassive faces and cold souls, there are languid movements, but no progress Have I missed the time? Forgotten to … Continue reading A World of Two Nights- A Poem

Practical Guide to Blog Commenting

The Blogging world and the Online community has some unwritten rules for engaging with fellow bloggers and the correct way of commenting on a post, which can initiate a meaningful exchange of ideas and help appreciate each other’s work. I have written a comprehensive post on this topic – Practical Guide to Blog Commenting  Please ensure that you contribute to this blogging world and value … Continue reading Practical Guide to Blog Commenting

Requesting Photo Poetry on Moon Photography

Originally posted on Zero Creativity Learnings:
Moon Photography Announcement Photo Poetry : Moon Photography After awesome response to Photo Poetry on Leaf Silhouette and Photo Poetry Flipbook– Leaf Silhouette Photo Poetry on Stray Birds and Photo Poetry Flipbook-Stray Birds This week I am presenting a third version of Photo Poetry for lovely readers. This is inspired by an attempt in weekly photo challenges Curve, where I have… Continue reading Requesting Photo Poetry on Moon Photography

Sankalp-A Pledge To Change (NGO)

Inspired by my last post on Education and the transformation that is required to create a conducive environment to make it accessible to children from all strata of life. Vivek Kumar has asked me to put a word for the brilliant work their NGO have been doing. They are running an NGO named Sankalp (check out their website here) in Jamshedpur, India. From a humble beginning, in 2007 one … Continue reading Sankalp-A Pledge To Change (NGO)