For Literature 

Literature is never understood through chance reading or mere glances through the lines. As for a writer, his/her responsibility is to present a conscious and meaningful expression of dialogues from life to enable more minds to participate in the communication of thoughts.  Sensationalism with crass thoughts to titillate the mind for instant gratification does not reflect the true purpose of writing.  When readers mature and … Continue reading For Literature 

Monosyllables and Other Conversations

Leaving incoherent comments such as- ‘Indeed’, ‘Wow’, ‘Fabulous’, ‘I See’, or even going further to comment with various ‘Emojis’ (without a word before or after that) do not express any complete meaning and I have a serious inability in processing such frivolities or engaging with incomplete thoughts. I am no mind-reader, so those comments vanish into the world of oblivion as they do not add … Continue reading Monosyllables and Other Conversations

Drop of Ink

A drop of ink mirrors profound truth. ~Amitav Sometimes, the reflection is too intense for the naked eyes. Writer’s imagination inspires every drop to carry that passion and fuel the reader’s mind with thoughts. Words are the voice of a writer; presenting a collective and cohesive image. With the idea of sincere conversation with the reader, the writer takes risks to defy common perceptions and … Continue reading Drop of Ink


Constructive criticism is an art. It is effectively articulated by knowledgeable minds after considering every aspect of a literary piece. Ignorant minds perceive criticism to be a diatribe borne out of jealousy or an unreasonable argument. Such views of criticism are ubiquitous, due to the popular and obsessive perception to interpret this effort from a myopic viewpoint. Mostly, criticism is regressive, an art not perfected, or usually … Continue reading Criticism

Writing and a Writer

Intense communication in solitude gives birth to good literature.  ~Amitav As a writer, it is easy to fall into the lure of ‘likeability’. Trying to endear oneself to every mind possible, is an attempt to reach out to more readers to create an atmosphere of bonhomie between a writer and reader. There’s nothing wrong with being polite and courteous to everyone, but one should not … Continue reading Writing and a Writer

Being a Writer

Let your writing liberate you. Write with passion to allow your feelings to breathe and enjoy the journey across blank pages.~ Amitav Being a writer is not a choice, when words come to you, begging for attention. It could be a covert understanding between your feelings and words to find the most formidable medium to chronicle the dialogues that occur between your conscious self and … Continue reading Being a Writer

Criticism and Pragmatic Approach

An excellent piece of writing, either inspires a reader or irritates them. It all depends on the perspectives and how one analyzes it.  ~Amitav The Etymology (Click the link) To understand how the artist felt, however, is not criticism; criticism is an investigation of what the work is good for. … Criticism … is a serious and public function; it shows the race assimilating the individual, … Continue reading Criticism and Pragmatic Approach