No more Truncated Stories

Truncated stories do not have the luxury of expressing the entire situation, while the characters fumble with the lessened enthusiasm of emotions. From here, starts a struggle between the legitimate aspirations to speak with freedom. If real drama is curtailed due to the paucity of strong will, there will never be satisfying communication which is sensitive to the fragile feelings nestled in the heart for … Continue reading No more Truncated Stories

Writing Is…

A writer decides what writing is; sometimes undefined, they are natural flow of feelings. A journey with, words without restraint; worrying less about their intentions, because they come from the heart. A reader does not define the course of writing, but goes with the flow and immerses in those rich feelings resonating from the pages. A writer wouldn’t be true to the soul if truths … Continue reading Writing Is…

The Eagerness to Change

Do you write with the expectations of living up to the dreams of creating a piece of literature that has never been given a voice or misunderstood and neglected by everyone? Creativity is a sword which rips open the obfuscating veils to reveal stories. Stories that have remained neglected for a long time due to the apathy of finding appropriate words to give them a … Continue reading The Eagerness to Change

If Writing Means Anything

The maturity of a writer reflects in writings which are not imprisoned in self-indulgent thoughts. A writer should have the ability to absorb myriad emotions, and express the same, carefully through the narratives; often, pushing away personal pain to accommodate the feelings of others. A writer can become a friend to all while offering the writings as reliable communication with everyone. It’s often difficult to rise … Continue reading If Writing Means Anything

Literature and Reading

The culture of reading is a vast area of discussion; it may not be fair to discuss reading habits, but what people read shape their perspective of life and society. Serious reading or mulling over anecdotal narratives, which may be a sort of literature, but far away from any artistic merit. Ordinary narratives are just a way to communicate through words, whereas, literature is artistically … Continue reading Literature and Reading

Pursuit of Poetry

Poetry is difficult to understand and even more so composing them. Achieving freedom with few lines in verses is no mean task. The poet strives to paint rich imagery to illustrate various human emotions and experiences. It has to be eloquent, even while describing the most difficult emotions; no wonder, the poet has to search deeper to pick the appropriate words. A poet has to … Continue reading Pursuit of Poetry

Discerning Moments

The day always holds that extra edge compared to night. In fact, the edges seem to be menacing (a visual distortion), but always appear dull from constant friction. Well, in comparison, the day of yesterday is paler, and the argument becomes vociferous on lost opportunities. Relegated to insignificance or retired in some corner of the mind amidst constant struggle. Everything is compared- from the scenes … Continue reading Discerning Moments