What if the thorns were flowers once? Devoid of feelings and succulent dreams Withered reluctantly to guard the flowers What if our dreams experience same fate? A boundary of existence adorned with thorns Instead of guarding, they puncture aspirations Do thorns remind of turbulent times? The neglect or fate of dreary transformation What if dreams continue to be neglected? A ruthless desire to absorb all … Continue reading Thorns

That Freedom

Sunlight wishes to trounce the relentless layers of dark feelings Effectively dust away the scandalous particles that have obfuscated life Their lewd dance continues even after the sun comes out to reprimand The blood is just lukewarm while fighting a tremulous night Satire of existence is about to be revealed by foul-mouthed narrators But the sharp ears disrupt the rhythm of recurring tone of ridicule … Continue reading That Freedom


Pretending to listen, shrugging off the creepy intentions of ideologies that are eager to scale the wall They begin to fish from shallow waters and absolutely fooled by the conflicting reflections Huffing and puffing while searching for that inconceivable depth from a precarious slip towards an illusion This reality is murkier than imagined and pulls them toward an abyss that decides the depth according to … Continue reading Faults

These Reflections

Frail reflections linger for too long to influence the dilemma Weary thoughts wish to survive the pale moments  Little by little it edges past the probing questions and their sharpness Looking for that elusive shade not hued in dubious colours Keep looking for the virtuous mirror to reflect on lost opportunities More defined contours and clarity of reflections  Wishing for them to speak patiently and … Continue reading These Reflections

Unfamiliar Day

The day’s wrapped up in unfamiliar thoughts There’s not enough freedom to manoeuvre and seek the scattered feelings Some strange whispers from the dark foliage; echoes of unheard voices Little inclination to branch out and reach for this moment Lunar mood still prevails across the slumberous day The little spark within fails to brighten the unlit contours Wishing for a powerful charm of the universe … Continue reading Unfamiliar Day


Are the ingenuous lies more believable? For, their ultra craftiness aspire to create surreal moments of unbelievable travesty of consciousness Naked lies are attired in ostentatious designs; such hideous display Passion for lies enthuse the offensive senses to create an unbelievable environment of tragic drama The characters’ dialogues reek Like the monstrous hydra mutate to strangulate the hearts with tentacles Hues of shadows dance around … Continue reading Believable

Fate of Thoughts

Thoughts won’t settle down in some nondescript corner Vague thoughts will shape a new reality and gain prominence Seems passive to a world that chooses to rush past them Still, not let the eyes be disturbed by disconcerting images Silence is delightful, and idleness a cradle that a soul craves Purity is sacrosanct for the thoughts to perceive every dimension After consultation with the soul … Continue reading Fate of Thoughts

Beyond Perceptions

When reality is absurd, but not so far away from scrutiny Criticism is abhorred; that is tragic for situations of repetitive nature It is an absurdist thought to define reality from broken perception Not only the meaning is elusive as well as difficult to comprehend It’s always a tussle between the images picked up by the eyes and mysterious realism While response to life lack … Continue reading Beyond Perceptions