The soul is magnanimous, encompassing eternity  In an abode that will shrink and crumble away with time Where do the wanderings take this journey? Without committing to the heart and mind Defying the descriptions and limitations With a serene face allowing the eyes to explore  Breaking the pattern in the world of symbolism Nothing can hold back the soul Let not the lies poison the … Continue reading Finality


If it’s impenetrable, how do those emotions find their way  Sometimes comfortable, but mostly stirring an uncomfortable friendship Dreaming is courageous; the heart resists and mind challenges their existence Sleep has to be a troubled territory.  It is not upon us, whether we can dream less often, or according to our choice This bed looks inviting and entirely a journey of ultra consciousness Life is … Continue reading Inexplicable


The heart loves some playfulness  Seeking some magical moments Bipartisan views and ambivalence Hiding behind any ideology A quick escape from reason Entirety forcibly split into two Good enough to hoodwink? Shadows of both create a shade Giving off a rare reflection Illuminated obscurity haunts Profane moments of existence Little friskiness becomes trouble Frolicking moments of failure ~Amitav Continue reading Dichotomy

Time and Again

Do not exploit literature with oversimplification It’s the journey of a mind along with necessary words To grasp the soul of life and narrate them with relevance What has been done or will be done by mankind is transient Straitjacketed words do not justify the flow of life Essaying the contemporary with universal relevance isn’t easy Transforming the experiences and observations is a task Only … Continue reading Time and Again

Endless Digressions

It’s the convoluted mind that provides impetus to distort a language All that is assumed in the brief time to transform all that knowledge  The expanse of intellectualism seems to appear grey, coagulated visions Mystifies the simpler notions of communicating with soul of life Coquettish behaviour fiddles with ideas and honestly entangles them Warped feelings emanate from debauched literature penned without caution Visuals are allowed to … Continue reading Endless Digressions


Why do we believe the narrative of Time? The inability to recognise reality Searching for few moments of reliability Translations of celestial language is misunderstood Journeying through vague ideas  Faith is abandoned too early  Carrying that image of what isn’t Ephemeral intensity restrains development Dwarfed moments of life Eyes stare unwittingly at the definitions  Changing ideologies every other day Living beyond the authentic Uniqueness dissolves Accelerating … Continue reading Waning

Without Freedom

Birthed are copious narratives of the tempestuous world  Thunders incessantly to create deep fissures around Keeps awake the fear in so many houses where Spirits curled Dreams are trampled in their nascent stage lay bare the wound Distressed echoes travel to the darkest corners of netherworld Weakening sunlight unable to defeat the persistent gloominess Morning pallor transforms life as incessant tirades are hurled Tottering steps and … Continue reading Without Freedom

Not Hesitant

The heart is not reluctant to confide in solitude Eager to discuss the philosophy of divine consciousness Nothing can stop the soul from embracing the truth Winds grasp the dreams and whisper to the universe Perceive the invaluable essence of life; it’s Divine Emotions do not have to mingle chaotically It is not anyone else’s reality, but sincerely mine There is no disdain for the … Continue reading Not Hesitant