Accepting life Is there any scope to surrender entirely, without justifications? There will be many ways and interpretations Own story will be first reflected in the eyes Gradually, the heart unfolds the stories to eager listeners Reality of certainty contradicts the essence of eternity Wisdom of the womb still remains in the subliminal memoir Explanations of existence rest within a surrealistic dream Motion is conceived … Continue reading Existence

New Paradigm

Fragile dreams are sculpted by silent craftsmen of night Alluding to the soul while composing intricate feelings Creation in pristine space while being separated from world Body rests while an awakened soul surveys a new reality No one speaks here; language is spared from useless monotony Mirrors everywhere mirroring the dimensions of life Clarity in every image, a reprieve from cunning distortions Dreams with fantastic … Continue reading New Paradigm

Reason to Call

Rays of light from twilight’s kingdom interrogate the approaching dusk Sparking a debate in the sky where luminous sentiments paint a scenery Composing a divine message for solitary souls to consider at leisure Softened tones prevail over the earlier chaos from rapid utterances Night seeks legibility and wishes to settle down in bosom of tranquility Absence of illicit thoughts will pave the way for profound … Continue reading Reason to Call


If darkness was without a metaphor Only being, in the midst of eternal spaces As if a window to another world Unfolding a story imperceptible in daylight Palpable anxiousness fades away There will be no crossings or parallels Only a raconteur with a pure soul Narrating an endless journey The absence of another me is realisation Saying goodbye in cosmic dimness ~Amitav Continue reading If

Fresh Earth

Fresh Earth shrugs off the sorrowful tone of unfulfilled dreams Constant buzz near the ears created by rapid wing movement of voices From where they fly remains a mystery; restless like hummingbirds Rainbow streaks became monochrome in disguise of dark Light filters through the foliage carrying waves of realisations Steep night descends unceremoniously in deep caverns Covers of the night become irrelevant while confronting daylight … Continue reading Fresh Earth

Invisible Chasm

Muffled cries resonate through the hollow feelings Difficult to separate being from such predicament The inability to translate them due to lack of a language Create a tormenting vortex in the subliminal world Rushes mind towards the clutches of uncertainty Sky changes colour when impulsive feelings gather Unbearable humidity grips the landscape Drenches the curled body with those drifting emotions Depleted heart carries the burden … Continue reading Invisible Chasm


Quiescent thoughts are pushed aside unsuccessfully They question identity and the purpose of every move Unknown origin but strong presence and influence Appears to be in conflict with acquired information Trying to close the door to leave behind those thoughts A futile attempt at severing the decisive ties Presenting eternal mysteries about reality of existence Spirit feels but often distracted with worldly tussles Somewhere a … Continue reading Awakening

Momentary Pause

Those fingers come to rescue when emotions churn uncontrollably Nails willing to grow and persistently claw along the slippery surfaces Save every little feeling from falling off the edge of jagged precipice From the rapid decline that will journey to the unknown abysses Fingers intercept the melancholic thoughts with extreme dexterity When memories sting, the swollen heart reminisces in relentless pain First attempt to chronicle … Continue reading Momentary Pause