From a Vantage Point

A home away from home descends faintly in the imaginations From a vantage point, the eyes scan extensively for that distant reality Leisurely mind reclines on the soft mattress for long contemplation To sort out the contrasting images and find the relevant pieces of a puzzle Breathe life into a withdrawn reality and further the scope of existence Reach for the skies to pull down the … Continue reading From a Vantage Point

Bleak Existence

Window panes are not transparent anymore Rays of light have to strive harder to come in Although uninvited, few blank spots do relent Once the windows reflected clarity and happiness Now stained with sighs of perpetual melancholy The four walls tired of echoing the daily narratives Decrepit and flaky walls portray weariness Creaky wooden floors abhor the daily footsteps Voicing their displeasure through the cracks The … Continue reading Bleak Existence