Of Life and Acceptance

Happiness is in the ineffable love for everything around me Aurora divine shares myriad warmth emanating from the core of its bosom Infinite love for the infinite soul with the cadence of happy songs Talismans appear across the horizon with the designs of eternal halo Call sincerely on Nature’s grace to understand the purpose of universe Existence is harmonious flow and the ultimate surrender is … Continue reading Of Life and Acceptance


Are the ingenuous lies more believable? For, their ultra craftiness aspire to create surreal moments of unbelievable travesty of consciousness Naked lies are attired in ostentatious designs; such hideous display Passion for lies enthuse the offensive senses to create an unbelievable environment of tragic drama The characters’ dialogues reek Like the monstrous hydra mutate to strangulate the hearts with tentacles Hues of shadows dance around … Continue reading Believable

Hope and Despair

Literature grace the pedestals of rejections Words recited in an accelerated pace, to still have some time To dissect the feelings and leave them there, exposed Lifeless words as feelings sublimate Then there’s no chance that a glance will show empathy In an effort to resuscitate the lines with hope Lucky, if placed over the heaps of pages Or  else, will be shredded and swept … Continue reading Hope and Despair

On Literature

Literature does not thrive in a crowd. Understandable, literature is not the commonly chosen topic of discussion. Only with time and mature leaning towards writing(s) and their myriad sentiments become accessible to the one who has set out to journey the world of words. Writing is not merely a frivolous foreplay of pen and paper, but a serious pursuit in seeking and communicating the profound … Continue reading On Literature

Feelings Depart

Half-awake feelings desire to walk away from pandemonium Deeply contemplative, they dream of a place of awakened senses A simple abode, decorated with unnecessary thoughts Unsettles the ethos of life with numerous worldly distractions Original design felt inadequate according to ubiquitous pomposity A difficult decision to remain isolated after a strained relationship True feelings birthed within from cosmic nurturing Torn apart between the indecisiveness to … Continue reading Feelings Depart

Towards Freedom

It is not about the I But more of a failed promise To live without the encore Of collective decisions Mistakes adjusted Accepted and included False assurances Only led to beliefs Myopic vision Only suffering Reigned feelings Traps of beliefs Promises extracted From undecided minds Mourn the loss of freedom Repent and defend Simultaneous failures Exaggerated claims Stagnation Morsels taste bitter Forced down  To satiate … Continue reading Towards Freedom

Illumined Sphere

Eyes stretch to search for warmth  Cold vibes demoralize the feelings Crackling fire speaks to a soul in earnest Warm the cold hands Before placing them on the heart Relinquish mortal pains Accept, life is slow Transient moments hold eternity Fire reflects same passion Soul will ignite dreams with true spirit Bridge the abyss Fire attracts cosmic forces Guides through rough terrains Feel the intensity of fire … Continue reading Illumined Sphere

Incredulous Narratives

With a look of incredulity, the essence of beauty is sullied When radical sentiments strangle the minds into submission Fantasizing about the unchaste thoughts to become a reality Common sense becomes incommunicado allowing a free run Dual personalities coalesce and form an inseparable character Surpassing the postmodern narratives with grotesque schemes Channels of knowledge overflowing with sludge and debris Ideas are being sold and consumed, albeit … Continue reading Incredulous Narratives