It is a continuous struggle to create a new identity When this idea of individuality is ambushed by tirades Propensity to forcibly forge relationships to anchor life  Desires are influenced by the enigma of being accepted  Every day it’s time to ratify the same script of definitions Waiting for approval and monotonously trudging along An entire universe neglected due to minuscule aspirations Inertia of the mind … Continue reading Mystifying


Running away from the self, every landscape looks interesting Waiting eagerly to plan an itinerary to visit as many destinations To conquer the mountains and kiss the sweetest streams flowing Quench the parched desires and waiting to revive from the thrill  Planning every detail of the journey and abandon the camp abruptly  Attraction of the journey evokes the passion of becoming a traveler Exhilarating, sensational, and classical … Continue reading Travel

Philosophy of Literature

Writing literature with strong messages, which has the potential to expose the weaknesses of prevalent ideologies will elicit a strong response(s) from that section which is comfortably settled in the prejudiced premises and does not wish to see beyond the delusional world. Any philosophy, in any era has and will be unsettling, if not comprehended with an open mind.  ~Amitav Continue reading Philosophy of Literature

The Flowing Stream

Talking to the flowing stream Its course runs through the dense woodland Nurturing many trees on the way Birthed from an ancient brook neath the rocks It was a relentless battle seeping through rocks Cutting through the ancient rocks before freedom For ages, flowing quietly without an identity Finally, the struggle paid off and free it flows Cracking open the crevice between the rocks Streams … Continue reading The Flowing Stream

A Writer and the Creative Journey

Realizing the seamless flow of imagination encompassing every nuance of the universe’s moods, creativity takes wing to fly across the realm beyond existing rationale. It opens the floodgates for the soul to experience the birth of new ideas which finally blends with the life-force of the writer. Creativity is a blend of many such ideas which bares their soul to the curious mind of the … Continue reading A Writer and the Creative Journey