The wild wilderness Of the valley of idleness Idolatry wondrous words Toward the culmination Balancing across the edges World down there Looks stiffly wound up Wrapped in a bubble Criss cross across alleys Intersecting haphazardly Panoramic view of busyness Lone wanderer Idling away in thoughts As the world drowns In the sea of cacophony In the idle land Time forgets to roll Nothing utopian It’s … Continue reading Idleness

Rendezvous with Self

When was the last time you missed yourself? Thinking and consolidating your thoughts, to create a more vivid image of yourself. It is imperative to understand yourself -the kind of thoughts you harbor, the vision you have about life, the tendencies to extract different types of knowledge; every aspect is important to help you in the journey. Most often we start shaping our thoughts according … Continue reading Rendezvous with Self

The Seeds

As you sow the seeds in the furrows They lay there in a comfortable position Meditating on the inner energy to grow Waiting for the divine light to penetrate The soul is the haven where light and water blend To create the most potent concoction of energy Waking the inner strength, which supine lay When the time is right, the soul wakes up To take … Continue reading The Seeds

Life- Efforts and Challenges

Life chooses us. We are here, trying to find out various ways to maneuver through life. Paths, there is many- Straight paths, parallel paths (never to meet), long winding paths (delays), deserted paths, dangerous paths, fulfilling paths, courageous paths, and a path toward perdition.  In life, we are presented with choices, that determine the journey. We all have dreams, some of them come to fruition, … Continue reading Life- Efforts and Challenges


There is feeble intention to change A change of thought to veer away from cliché Time is the best teacher we have Yet, we show aversion to educate ourselves Change from within, to view life with magnanimity Volleys of charges against a system we are part of Voluntarily choosing to resist change Time cannot heal till we are ready to be healed Change is inevitable … Continue reading Change

Mellifluous Morning

The silence of early morning is mellifluous Slowly stripped of the covers of darkness Unveiling a new day with hope in the heart Early riser greeted with an envelope of love Carrying the message for another day Listening to the silent oratory of the morning Explaining the tenets of a joyous life ahead The keen soul finds it easier to comprehend Morning preacher explains the … Continue reading Mellifluous Morning