A Paper Plane

Ever wondered how far a paper plane would fly If you wrote your beautiful lines across the page Those words could encourage the paper soul to soar Higher and across the world to land on the chosen destination Forever in your heart to convey the desired message Written with courage and infused with true spirit of love If your words are true and they inspire … Continue reading A Paper Plane

Philosophy of Life

Philosophy or the love for wisdom is a relentless pursuit. Every day it is a new dawn, new opportunities, and new realizations.  Philosophy is intrinsically woven in the tapestry of life. Thoughts are spontaneous and they emerge from the journey of life, past experiences and your interactions with the world around you. They may be positive or negative and thus impact the course of life. … Continue reading Philosophy of Life

Aura of Darkness

The eyes adjust well with the darkness around Away from the blinding lights of false dreams Here, embraced by the silence and tranquility Wafting aroma of true bliss and meaningful soliloquy Heart finds a purpose and inspiration to contemplate You can feel the aura illuminate the entire existence The eyes now have clear perception to search for meaning Covers of the mystical darkness and aural … Continue reading Aura of Darkness


Thoughts travel through The walls of limitations Knowledge of the unknown Waiting to be deciphered Appearances in subtle avatars Consciousness and the will to see Not an everyday sequence of events Interplay of darkness and light A mesmerizing world is at display Perception goes beyond A sensitive soul feels the quivers Here everything comes to a halt From here starts a new beginning Journey where … Continue reading Percipience

Denials and More

Naive it is to believe the fleeting presence Hurt the soul with unnecessary rebelliousness Without a cause and any direction to move ahead Stuck within the confines of relentless social mores Defeatist causes and dysfunctional communications World has come to a passé due to misinterpretations The ways of the life and the basic tenets are disregarded Institutionalizations of thoughts have coerced the mind Confined the … Continue reading Denials and More

Untold Stories

Untold stories Words cannot express Your silence speaks Vociferous heart Yet no audience Storyteller’s predicament Caught betwixt The paradox Many words will Forever be obscure In the vault Awaiting the arrival Of a traveler Who can interpret The silence Mind search for meaning In the untold stories Communicate the feelings Kept away from the world A fellow traveler Will journey ahead Mesmerized by The untold … Continue reading Untold Stories