Is It an Uneasy Show?

It is uneasy sitting in a crowd and witnessing a burlesque show The light around dips and flips, and takes the elements of fun away Wide-eyed, useless curiosity in the communications that are mundane No one desires to rush outside; wonder, the freedom the auditorium offers In between, the pantomime also fails to mesmerise the tedious audience Thunderous applause after the failed satire on the … Continue reading Is It an Uneasy Show?

The Drama

Relentless drama trickle with emotions of ulterior motives Characters play out after convoluted exchange of dialogues Romancing the tragedies and creating realities at will Elucidating the occurrences and cloaking them with excuses Pride of lies light up the stage to dazzle those captive audiences It’s eloquence and  daredevilry adding dimension to superficiality A bold drama sans creativity cannot fool the audience for long ~Amitav Continue reading The Drama

The Love Saga

Love has become a tragedy Misinterpreted Misrepresented Mistaken Love has become a mere word Losing its relevance In the garb of needs and wants Expectations galore Apprehensive Vulnerable Fragile Love is threatened by definitions It’s become a photo-op Media’s manipulative portrayal Of a convoluted saga Love has become a drama Scripted with fabrications Plots Actors Performers Love has become an extravaganza Applause For the greatest … Continue reading The Love Saga