Images of Life

The world seems to become a blurring image Speeding images become too much to comprehend Slurry thoughts which cannot blend with the psyche Moving in a stupor without any thoughtful goal Peace is stirred with the ladles by frenzied minds Altering the intricate ecosystem of original tenets of life Weakening bonds and feelings of apathy seeping through Minds are unable to sieve the unnecessary debris … Continue reading Images of Life

World of Woes

A world closer to you Most often you overlook Distant visions look alluring Subtle feelings and affections Makes you feel smothered Ye shall miss the nuances Painting the world in gray You fail to listen to the pleas Words from the heart Preferring the air of ambiguity Clandestinely walking around Without an abode to retire Risking the crumbling world within Looking at life with crude … Continue reading World of Woes