Blaming the Night

“Don’t play in the dark”, says someone to the kid That’s the perception of darkness being created in a child’s mind Accusing it indirectly of being a thief, or even a demon of some kind The child obeys, but the curiousness becomes intense  Making it an unnecessarily contentious issue that settles deeper This is how perceptions are created to concoct stories Already branded a criminal, … Continue reading Blaming the Night

What the Farce

We cannot seek a safe abode when we are on a mission to destroy the invaluable relationship with nature. While there is much rhetoric about its well-being, there are those belligerent enough to call every such effort to be a drivel. Remember, the adults are troublemakers; disrupting and destroying not only nature but the fragile ecosystem of life. We are bullying and trolling nature and … Continue reading What the Farce