Knowledge and Beyond

When the heart feels insatiable And life’s journey becomes an education Your soul plunges deeper into the knowledge well Swimming with the diurnal compass and beyond Night becomes an era of truth and revelations And true knowledge blesses your eyes with vision You can see beyond yourself and the multitude you represent Without indulging in the trivial and mundane cacophony You find meaning in the … Continue reading Knowledge and Beyond

Thoughtful Artistry

Carving out life Every day Chiseling away Busy artisans Creating a world Inspired by Beautiful thoughts And emotions Where brinkmanship Rules over Inadvertent sufferers Flailing hopes Deep paranoia It’s a Herculean task To maintain sanity Striving harder To be more creative And enhancing The beauty of Life Artistry and craftsmanship Will uphold The sanctity of life It’s no mean feat To give hope And breathe … Continue reading Thoughtful Artistry

The Magical Journey

A little beyond The threshold Of conformity And collective Sanity There is A world Of creativity Waiting to Be explored Run amok With freedom Let the Mind wander Beyond The realm Of common Definitions Pick your path And be ready For a journey And whirlwind Experience And feel the Mind expand To reach out For inspirations As never before It’s exhilarating And euphoric Just go … Continue reading The Magical Journey

Writer’s Words

The writer’s words Are read many times Being deciphered The feelings and emotions Behind the words Yet, the writer’s heart Is always searching alone In anonymity, for meaning Trying to live The true essence of life Writer is alone In this pursuit Where words find acceptance And the world rejoices Finding joie de vivre From the nonchalant adventurer Who narrates intriguing tales The heart and … Continue reading Writer’s Words

Life, let’s experience it

Life always throws up challenges. The greatest challenge of them all is to decide how we face life. Since we are born, our attitude towards life is being slowly carved by the people we are surrounded with, that is, our family. Our thought processes and attitude towards life is shaped by the conversations we have with our parents, siblings and extended family members. Once we … Continue reading Life, let’s experience it